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Almost a third of Britons want their ex-partners at their funeral 

Our latest research, which polled 1,845 British adults in a relationship, has revealed that 1 in 3 Britons would want all of their ex-partners to attend their funeral. Given the choice, 67% of respondents said that they would attend an ex-partner's funeral. All respondents were 18 or over and there was an even male and female split.

Initially, we asked 'If you had the choice, would you want any of your ex-partners to attend your funeral?' A majority of people said that they would not want any of their ex-partners at their funeral. Whilst 15% said they would want some to attend. 32% of respondents said that they would want all of their ex-partners to attend their funeral.

Next, those who said that they would want all of their ex-partners at their funeral were asked to reveal the reasons why. They were presented with a list of possible reasons and were asked to select any that applied to them. The top five results were as follows:

  1. They were a big part of my life – 32%

  2. I still/will always love them – 27%

  3. I want them to miss me – 18%

  4. I think they’ll be sad when I pass away – 14%

  5. My family would appreciate them being there – 9%

We asked the same group of people how they thought their current partner would feel if their ex-partner(s) attended their funeral. A majority said their partner would not like it, with 22% saying they wouldn’t mind either way. The remaining 15% said their current partner would welcome their ex-partner(s) to their funeral.

Finally, all were asked whether they would attend any ex-partners' funerals, if given the chance. A majority of 67% of respondents revealed that they would attend their ex-partner’s funeral, with the remaining 33% saying that they wouldn't.

Ex-partners are likely to have played a big part in a person’s life, so it would of course be nice for them to remember the deceased at the funeral along with friends and family. Though, if a relationship ended on bad terms it could be a different story.

Of course many people will still be in touch with ex-partners, especially if they have children together, and so it makes sense for ex-partners to remain amicable. They are more likely to continue to be part of each other’s lives even after the relationship has ended.

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