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The green burial

Ecological or ‘green’ funerals are similar to woodland burials, but they can be even more environmentally focused. For example, the material used to make the coffin can be biodegradable – bamboo or cardboard would be typical choices, but woven coffins using materials such as wicker, banana leaf or water hyacinth are also popular.

This type of funeral may avoid the use of embalming, and fewer vehicles are often used, cutting down on fuel and emissions. While memorials and headstones are usually not permitted, family and friends may wish to plant a memorial tree to mark the grave, and this can be arranged through your funeral director.

The definition of a 'green' funeral is broad and individual to the customer. For example you may want to incorporate some 'green' elements into a typical cremation funeral or choose a woodland burial with no markers or headstones.

As with other woodland burials, the funeral can include cremation and the ashes can be interred in a biodegradable container. Some crematoria offer reduced prices to cremate environmentally friendly coffins as these require less energy and produce fewer emissions than traditional materials. Although green funerals tend to be simpler than more traditional funerals, they are no less dignified. Some people feel that the simplicity enhances the occasion.

Your local accredited funeral director will be able to advise you on the options available in the local area. To discuss a green burial in more detail, contact the Perfect Choice team to find your nearest Perfect Choice funeral director or complete our enquiry form on the 'contact us' page.

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