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The woodland burial

Today, many graveyards are overcrowded, with decaying and crumbling tombs and headstones. Many cemeteries are also full, making traditional burials increasingly expensive. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that your loved ones will remain undisturbed once buried in a graveyard or cemetery; as many plots have only short-term leases and can be reused. For these reasons, a number of people nowadays are considering an alternative to the traditional funeral: the woodland burial.

These take place in special dedicated woodland sites, where family and friends can visit and enjoy calm, peace and unspoilt nature. The funeral service itself can be a traditional one, or indeed of any type. A woodland burial often means no unsightly or unsafe burial plots and monuments, although different sites will have different rules and many allow wooden markers. It also carries no risk that the grave will be disturbed, as many plots have permanent leases. Furthermore, not only does woodland burial tend to be less expensive than a traditional funeral, it can be pre-planned, fixing the price at today’s costs.

As well as full interment, you could also consider inter ashes after cremation in a beautiful and peaceful woodland sites. For more details about our woodland burials, contact your Perfect Choice Funeral Director today.

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